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Take your inner being to the outer limits and ignite your creativity, embrace your life purpose, fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it! The Cosmic Coffee Break with Lumari brings you quick, powerful ways to improve your life. Each episode, Lumari, internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, psychic consultant, intuitive coach and author shares the brilliance of the universe. Her wisdom teachings, practical guidance, meditations, visualizations and blessings will rejuvenate your spirit. Find your greatest potential, connect with your spiritual core and celebrate the pure joy of you. Listen to inspiring and life-changing teachings, and illuminating interviews with authors, healers, speakers, leaders and coaches to empower and enlighten your personal development, self-improvement, radiant health, creative expression, inspiration, wealth, prosperity and success. Enter this sacred space and awaken, soar, flourish and thrive from the depths of your soul to the heights of your spirit and then, take the actions you need to manifest your gifts and your dreams. The present is in your hands. Create your future now. For free gifts and downloads visit Contact Lumari at:
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Nov 21, 2016

Acknowledgment is an affirmation and a confirmation. When you acknowledge someone, you recognize their gifts and contribution and declare its truth, essence and reality. It affirms a person’s gifts and actions. It confirms their life. That is huge and that changes lives. 

Lumari shares a practice of daily actions you can take to genuinely gives another person the grace of their own being. This practice of Acknowledgment in Action is generosity, compassion, truth and recognition that expands relatedness. This will change your life and change the lives of everyone you meet. The more you do it, the more you will love it. That is a blessing for us all.

Nov 18, 2016

Money Karma is the relationship you have with money based on your entire existence as a soul in consciousness. Negative Money Karma can hold you back from your dreams and vision. When you Heal Your Money Karma, you gain a new perspective on your soul purpose. Lumari shares sacred teachings about Money Karma and your soul purpose to help you easily, gracefully and joyfully and make dynamic, powerful and inspiring changes in your life and in our world.

This episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break includes Lumari’s Heal Your Money Karma- Embrace Your Soul Purpose guided meditation, visualization and affirmation to help you to fulfill your own dreams and be a positive influence for others. Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!

Nov 16, 2016

You can create new healing patterns in your life. Every moment is an opportunity to shift into healing and renewal. When you want to increase your health and healing, it’s important to recognize you’re in a process of change. One of the best ways to heal yourself is to heal your old patterns with flexibility and positive energy. Lumari shares new teachings about the healing process and how embracing chaos can bring new, powerful energy, rejuvenation, vitality and freedom into your life. Are you ready to heal the old patterns with greater flexibility and harmony and bring new patterns into play?

Nov 14, 2016

Bring the qualities of appreciation into your life and feel truly blessed. Appreciation is an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude. Lumari shares new teachings to help and empower you to take the time and celebrate the beauty, wisdom, delight, value, caring and wonder in your life. By appreciating something or someone, we open to the gifts of life and fill that moment with those gifts.

Today’s episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break includes the Living Inside Appreciation Meditation and Affirmation so you can have more joy, peace and connection, right now.

Nov 11, 2016

There are different ways to think about inspiration. You can wait for inspiration to happen or you can actively pursue inspiration and embrace it in your life. 

One fabulous way to actively pursue your own inspiration is to make an Inspired Action list. Lumari developed this list to help you live inspired – every day.

To guide you to actively pursue inspiration, Lumari shares powerful questions to help you uncover what inspires you. Then she guides you to create your Inspired Action List so you can tap into the things that light you up and take actions that help you shine.

Nov 9, 2016

Your Money Karma influences all areas of your life, your business, wealth, success, health, relationships, love and personal development and your capacity to grow and shine. When you heal your money karma, you are freed to live your soul purpose, attain personal growth, boost your health, increase your wealth and prosperity and achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break Lumari reveals how to recognize your Tangled Money Energies. Her special guided meditation, visualization and affirmation, helps you unwind the tangled money energies and increase your joy, happiness, freedom, prosperity, health and healing, spirituality, personal growth and transformation.

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!

Nov 7, 2016

Resistance is always present and it’s everywhere. There’s something in the way. You feel slow, stuck and probably annoyed. You can’t get there from here. That’s resistance. What if you could distinguish the different types of resistance so you could move forward with greater freedom and success? That would make a huge difference in your life.

Lumari shares very powerful and life-changing distinctions about resistance so you can have direct, informed and empowered influence on resistance in your life. She reveals the THREE STEPS TO OVERCOME RESISTANCES so you can live your purpose and live inspired. 

That will help you make profound leaps in your life, while you contribute to the ones you love and to our world.

Nov 4, 2016

Are your ready to find your Inspiration? Inspiration is a true gift from the Divine and the guidance, energy and direction from inspiration can lead you to a greater place in your life and help create a better world. 


In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari explores the deeper meaning and energy of Inspiration and guides you in a Living Inspired meditation so you can connect with your greater joy, purpose and fulfillment and live inspired.

Nov 2, 2016

Your Money Karma influences your life, your business, wealth, success, health, relationships, love and personal development. Today, Lumari talks about Money Karma and what you can do, to quickly and easily shift into a clear, spiritual space to create positive energy and attract wealth, prosperity and success.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Discover new teachings and a special Money Karma technique to clear and empower your thinking and reactions to the negative patterns that money has in your life. 

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await you!

Oct 31, 2016

Do you ever feel stuck? Do you ever feel that something is blocking in your way? You know, the people who try to destroy your joy and dreams, who dismiss your ideas or downplay your success. These are Dream Stalkers the Large, Looming Beasts that inhibit your self-expression, deplete your clear energy and diminish your soul purpose. 

This episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break Lumari reveals the truth about dream stalkers and shares a powerful Dream Stalkers Visualization and meditation to help you uncover the large, looming beasts in your life.

Oct 28, 2016

Celebrate your health and increase the good health in your life. Lumari shares very special healing energy with you to increase the health and vitality in your life. Discover the 2 tips that will help you understand the signals your body is sending you.

Lumari includes special wisdom, tips and very effective and quick healing affirmations to increase your health and well-being.

Oct 26, 2016

It's really important to BE IN THE YES. This is a very exalted state of being. It is appreciation, openness, joy and willingness to play and participate. Get ready to have some fun, challenge your negativity and delight in the uplifting flow. When you are in the YES, your life will be an affirmation. You will attract more positive uplifting avenues of expression. Your choices will be guided by positive actions.

In this episode Lumari helps you create a positive focus that’s easy to maintain. In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, you will have more positive energy and outcomes.


Oct 24, 2016

Imagine your life as a symphony of harmony. Harmony is a state where everything blends together while honoring each unique voice. When you live in greater harmony, you blend the colors, the notes, and the qualities in your life. All of the different aspects of your life complement each other to become a greater whole. 

Lumari guides you in her the Creating Harmony Visualization and Meditation to inspire you to experience greater harmony, creativity and elegant flow in your life.

Oct 21, 2016

Abundance is the fluid response of bounty and no one does it better here on earth than Gaia. If you are ready to increase the abundance in your life, Lumari shares two sacred teachings about abundance, so you can create a rich attraction of more prosperity, wealth, opportunity and plenty in your life. These important and liberating aspects you can include to open the flows 

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari includes a meditation, visualization and affirmation to help increase abundance in your life.

Oct 19, 2016

Blessings are the flow of pure support and generosity that uplift and embrace your life. Do you want to receive goodness and blessings in your life and share them with our world? Lumari teaches and shares three words and practices to increase the power of blessings in your life. Discover how powerful the energies of these three special words and practices can be to increase blessing in your life, right now. You can create a profound difference in your life and the world


Oct 17, 2016

Are your ready to feel awakened, fulfilled and inspired? When you create a bigger vision for your life, you open to your full expression, freedom and purpose. A bigger vision is an expanded view of what you see and who you are. It’s all about exploring your fullest, richest magnitude of your soul, your spirit and our world.

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, Lumari shares The Bigger Vision Visualization to help you lift your mind to your greater vision, awaken possibilities and participation and live with connection, creativity and contribution.


Oct 11, 2016

Today Lumari shares insights into positive thinking and energy that will uplift and transform your thinking and your life. When you combine Positive Thinking and Positive Translations you will attract and hold good energy, wonderful circumstances, and a true sense of inner joy. Positive Thinking increases your personal growth, engages your soul purpose, expands your spiritual development and supports positive and effective life choices and decisions. Positive Translations encourages your creativity, brilliance and expanded world view to open your life to more opportunities. That’s what you want.

Oct 11, 2016

Don’t obsess. Let go of the stress. When you let go of stress, you increase your health, well-being, creativity, productivity, spiritual connection and radiant energy.  Our lives are filled with hidden stresses that can undermine your focus, grace and ease. When you need a quick de-stresser, you need an easy way to relax and let go of stress. What’s great about this visualization from Lumari is that when you practice it you can release your stress much quicker and have less stress build up.


This episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break includes Lumari’s Let Go Of Stress Visualization/Meditation and practice to help you let go of stress, immediately.


Oct 11, 2016

Release the blocks and Open to more Joy in your life. When you want to fulfill your dreams, you can encounter real obstacles in your way that limit your joy, freedom and self-expression. Your life purpose thrives of joy. Your personal growth expands with joy. Your healing flourishes in joy. Wealth and success grow with joy. In this episode, Lumari shares enlightening teachings, spiritual guidance and her powerful OPENING TO JOY MEDITATION to help you release whatever is blocking you, so you can increase the joy and fulfillment in your life.

This episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break includes the Opening To Joy meditation and a special chant.

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